Local Attractions
General Santos City

The Tuna Capital of the Philippines

PEOPLE DOWN South of Mindanao anticipate every February the Kalilangan Festival, grand celebration of the natural, cultural, and economic wealth of the Philippine's Tuna Capital, the city of General Santos.

Kalilangan is the Maguindanaon term for celebration, thus, February 16-29 is no less a time for fun and festivity.

General Santos City takes pride in its Tuna Industry that supplies the world with 2.4 million metric tons of high quality tuna each year. Because of that, the Philippines ranks 7th among the top tuna producing countries in the world, both in terms of fresh/frozen tuna and canned tuna.

A different celebration, the Tuna Festival, is held every September, showing the impact of the Tuna Industry to the city's economy.

Gensan is also known worldwide for it's being the place where our contemporary boxing hero, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao was raised.

GenSan's location in the Sarangani Bay makes it a convenient gateway to the provinces of South Cotabato, Sarangani, and Sultan Kudarat. It is also strategic to the Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philippines–East Asian Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA).

Weekend Commune with GenSan Eco-Tourism Destination:

Kalaja Cave:

Located 06o13.85’ North 125o10.26’ East, is one of the remaining evidence of destruction of natural environment due to treasure hunting. History said that Japanese Forces use this cave as their source of water which in turn produce fabricated stories and myth of left behind treasures. An interview with local oldies revealed looting of old trucks, tanks and other war materials during the 60’s and 70’s.

The cave was resurgence in nature which means a volume of water is coming out from the cave mouth. It has a 7m by 22m wide pool of 2m to 3m deep at the entrance. The cave has three rooms with length of about 209m before a sump.

Bunga Spring:

Smooth small flowing water from a limestone is present right at the centre of the Karsts Land. It has a campsite at the middle of mountains and cliffs that offers a good view of the solar system at night time.

Locals herds their farm animal 50m beside the spring.

Kalaja Face:

Local mountaineers discovered this in 1995 but until this day, no known route were established. With more than 50m in height on the west side of the Kalaja River, the face offers three overhangs and difficult degree of challenges.

Malakong Face:

Located at Malakong Gorge about 3.5km from Kalaja Cave, the face comes with 12 to 25m height of smooth limestone walls creating good venue for beginners and novices’ routes of bouldering and rock climbing. The venue also offers shaded routes and campsites.

Absekong Waterfalls:

Located between the territorial boundaries of Gen. Santos City and the Municipality of Polomolok, South Cotabato. This number (uncounted) of waterfalls flows from the mountaintop river in Camp Flores in Polomolok down to the granite boulders and limestone cliffs of Conel, creating small pools and waterfalls. Also called Kasaba Falls in Polomolok.

Nopol Hills:

Stands just beside the Karsts land and a good 30 minutes ride (18km est.) from the city proper. It towers 550m ASL, making it the highest camping ground in GenSan, which in turn, offers a wide view of the surrounding provinces and Sarangani Bay. Activities inside the hills can be a visit at Bull Mountain Ranch and witness real cowboys undertaking their everyday task, or a camping trip at the summit of the hills. Tip: It’s nice to start hiking the trail at 3pm to 4pm to have a sunset view and escape the heat of the day (the trek ranges from one to two hours of ascending hike)

For more information, visit the General Santos City Official Website

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